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first of twenty fifteen


Alright. This is it. I’m gonna start my newest and first ever blog in my entire life. Why blog? and why not? I’m no person of words and languages but I’m very fond and a fan of it. It’s because it’s one of my many weaknesses that’s why I’m indulging myself to it. For me to explore and better improve and help myself.

Him. One word. Bold and with Bigger Font. That refers to my God. He’s a person and a divine as well that pops immediately to my head first whenever Him is talked about. I clearly and ultimately thank Him for many good and bad things, season and out of season situations, likable and unlikable persons, and graces and misfortunes because I believe everything has its reasons. I know ’cause I’ve been there. A lot. I affirmed that His thoughts are higher than mine. I may be clouded and confused most of the time but there’s Him who makes all things clear and understandable.

No matter what I feel, God is real.


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