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Hi I’m…


I’m no good at these: writing, organizing my thoughts and putting ideas into words . I’m afraid I may be grammatically wrong or spelled incorrectly or purely make this whole thing blank and meaningless at all. I do have lots of insecurities, luggage, favorite sins,  imperfections, lapses, shortcomings, mistakes, failures and battles failed in my life. These things what makes up me,partly.

As you have read above that’s me, part of it. I was very nominal Christian and Catholic. I go to church whenever my mom say so or whenever I’m not lazy. I was ignorant of the bible, scriptures, angels,saints, Jesus and my faith at all.

Then came in my life the name Jesus due to a classmate’s invitation. He [Jesus] called and invited me to follow and know Him more. After that I was very and genuinely happy to have a personal and deep relationship with Him.

Enough of the sentiments, I’ll introduce myself, by the way I’m Monella Mae Cagas-Galos, 23 years old, residing at Barra, Opol, Mis.Or. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Special Education at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. I’m the fourth child among seven of Mr.&Mrs.Monico and Nellie Cagas-Galos.

If I would describe myself I’m an introvert maybe because when I was a child and our parents would throw a party at our house we are only allowed to stay inside a room or went upstairs and play with my siblings. I was bullied way back high school by my classmates for the reason I’m not confidently beautiful [pia w.] in other words I’m ugly or does not meet the standard of beauty in their eyes. I have a luggage of insecurity and a gallon of shyness.

At the time I met and found the Lord. He has changed EVERYTHING in me radically and gradually. I am stubborn all the time and very complainant as often yet the Lord intervenes and replace it with love, mercy, compassion, assurance, providence and the list goes on.

Isaiah 43:1




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