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Behind That Vanity


They say that people who posted pictures of themselves, [vain as what the world call them] revealed that these people are the insecure one.

Partly true and partly no? i don’t know really. I was never been fond of taking myself pictures since first I don’t have the gadget(s) to make it happen, secondly I’m not photogenic and I’m no to let-me-take-first-a-selfie person. At all. It’s not my thing but the picture above is just for the sake of something-to-post-a-new-profile-pic on my facebook account. Phew. Defensive? Nah.

However, I’m more comfortable behind the camera. Photographer? hmmm, I can’t say that to myself because I believe that’s for the one who is professional about it. Maybe just the behind-the-photo-taken-person. That’s more I like to label myself.

I don’t have any camera, android,smartphone, DSLR, tabs and pads but what I do have are friends who lend me those tools and gizmos. They shared and I handled them with care and love. I’m a fan of exploration and discovering I haven’t done in my life. Learning is fun especially if it’s your passion and interest. Taking and capturing moments are what people do remember and cherish for the rest of their lives and it will be an honor for me to make that happen.

Behind that vanity is me.


12/26/15 12:50AM



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