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Christmas Itinerary


While Christmas approached and busy greeting and posting friend’s timelines and chat boxes I had a message from my high school classmate slash university school mate [Mabeth with the peace sign] inviting me to join and spend the rest of my afternoon with them [Jeric with the pale green shirt and also happened to be my HS classmate and college schoolmate, and my recent added friend Natoy]. I hesitated to join them for the mere fact I don’t have money [unemployed here], but what touched me most was her response that it’s the meeting and presence that mattered most. Band. Dumfounded. Immediately I said yes.

Bashfully I arrived late at the mall where we supposed to meet and when they [Jeric and Mabeth} called me where were they. I looked and went as fast as I could. Seeing them first at the counter I almost ran, smiled like a fool hyena [:D] and hugged them tightly because I super duper missed them. Months have passed and both were away from the city, Mabeth was at Iligan studying for her MS degree [proud classmate here] and Jeric worked as a NGO employee now pirated at DSWD at Cotabato. They were my great and best buddies way back student life in HS and college. I find them both genuine in spirit, easy and crazy  company to be with, and hard working son and daughter of their respective family.

We never run out of topic and dreams and plans for our future. We shared struggles, challenges, happiest moments, updates and what’s new in our lives, interests, jokes, resources, time and friendship. They even bought me lunch and merienda during our whole itinerary and I am grateful and thankful for their generosity and kind heart. I pray to God that these people will continually be blessed and  granted their heart’s desires in accord to God’s will.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas Mabeth,Jeric and Natoy!




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