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I stay up…



My routine,since I’m unemployed and still looking for a job, is very domesticated. I mean I merely got out of house probably 90% of my time spent staying inside the room, open my brother’s netbook and do all the surfing. The remaining 10% goes to community whereabouts, church day and/or high school buddies meet up.

I do not waste so much of my calories since I’m all in the house and that’s why I stay up late at dawn usually. What I do is watching anime English dubbed, new or old, stalking some other blog sites, visit youtube, and the list goes on.

I’m not effective and productive during daytime or even early morning. I’m all eyes at evening or midnight especially when there’s moon [full] outside. I adore watching and observing, only when it’s clear, Earth’s sky at night.

A very good night!


12/28/15 16:07PM


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