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happened at mass earlier…


2015 is almost over. How’s that? Well, my year in twenty fifteen was quiet a roller coaster ride experience and journey of joy, excitement, disappointment, confusion, lost, blessed, and so many emotions to tell. It started to be dramatic since I wasn’t able to get the job at DepEd after all the long wait and hope I put in for that opportunity which led me to disappointment and asked myself what’s next for me then.

Even though learning experience happened to me at the early months of 2015 I was blessed and be part of Mindanao Unity Games (NorthMin) which composed of the different chapters of the community I joined in,Ang Lingkod Ng Panginoon. The said annual sports fest participated by Butuan (the host chapter), Valencia, Malaybalay and of course the Cagayan de Oro. The long hours of ride of butt and back pains are worth it because I did enjoy from the games, the food, the place, the fellowship and meet up of different, new and old faces of brothers and sisters in the community. The three-days stay was truly a remarkable and unforgettable memory that I will forever cherish and bring to me all the days of my life.

On the same month of MUG came the Day of Renewal or the renewal of commitment of the brothers and sisters in Ang Lingkod Ng Panginoon. It means we vow before the Lord and before the brothers and sisters to fully love and serve Him through committing the way of life as a Lingkod  committed member. I was reminded of my three letter word (Y-E-S) to the Lord that I shall only love, serve, obey and follow only Him and keep to myself the promises and plans of the Lord to me even how hard it is to be at His side and live out the very life that He wanted me to live. That being a committed member it’s not always like a second venue, fellowship and/or bed of roses but a narrow road towards His Kingdom, seeing Him face to face and worshiping Him together with all the saints, martyrs, missionaries and the people who loves Him.

Of course the following month, June, started our Sister’s Household. We, sisters of 7: Haidi (coordinator/admin), Heidee, Bless, Camille, Melai, Nichole and me, lived under on one roof for three weeks. Household activity for me is always a life changing and a metanoia experience for me because I get to discover, recollect, assess, evaluate, reflect and deepen my relationship with the Lord. Plus, I also get the chance to know and build a deeper relationship with other sisters. We were benefited and blessed by sponsors and donations especially in food and other expenses in the house. What amazed me most was that it’s my 3rd time to join in a sister’s household and  3 weeks of blissful stay it’s like God is telling me that He’s in control over my life although I’ve been overwhelmed with clouds on my mind and doubtful heart.

Then I went back, again, to tutorial which I was never been happy and satisfied for so many reasons. Which lead me to ask myself if ever I’m really into teachings? Should I find other career? That, I don’t know. May God enlighten me and show me His path.

July 16 marked my fascination to Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub in short ALDUB of Eat Bulaga. These two made my year even more exciting, giddy, happy and mixed emotions. They taught me to patiently wait and joyfully appreciate what I have right now. I believe the Lord wanted me to learn through KS that everything happens in the right time at a right reason. I should also do my part and my best to achieve certain goals in my life. Me and my God work hand in hand. To let go and let God do the rest of the work.

My Christian Sexuality Course, CYA Anniversary, Lingkod Christmas Party, Minchu’s goodbye, my brother’s promotion and recommendation,my high school reunion, my family, my relatives, my city, my friends, my country, my life and my God—these are the things my 2015 made of.

2016 you’re next.


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