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I’m a fan [FYI] of both Richard Faulkerson and Mr. Bo Sanchez. These two guys here were very inspirational to me in so many ways and aspects especially spiritually. I’m devoted Catholic and I wanted to learn, deepen, discover and be mystified by people who are also fellow Catholics. These both gentlemen were, I believe, instruments of God for me to love and serve Him even more.

Today is January 2, 2016 and it’s,actually, Richard’s 24th birthday. We’re of the same age [FYI]. Awe. Well, what I really would like to admire and honor him is his unconditional faith to God, his genuine heart for many things and people, his manliness yet gentle, his wisdom and knowledge, his kind and generous heart, his acting skills and talents, his humbleness and simplicity and his passion to make everyone [good and bad alike] smile.

His humble beginnings, his great love for his dead mother, his rejections and failed attempts,and  his unending challenges proved that He endured gratefully and claimed to be victor in the end.

He is a man of sincerity, thoughtfulness, gentleness, and compassion. I wouldn’t be surprised after all what he received now from endorsements, cover magazines, TV commericals, guestings, awards, recognition, fandoms, mall tours, and recently movie project are blessings and graces from the Lord.

He see to it that he always put God first above and before all things. He is truly a grateful man. He acknowledges the Lord for the many great things happened for the last six months of twenty fifteen.

I learned to be resilient and enduring person, to thank the Lord season or out of season, to never forget the people who push and encourage me to pursue the craft that I believe it’ll please the Lord, to dream and believe I can achieve it, to let go and let God, to inspire in little ways, to start and not to doubt, to care more and hate less, to live as to what is at the moment, and to cheers for a year ahead.

God gave us Richard Faulkerson to …



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