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HS Reunion 2016



Who would have thought we’d be able to reunite after more than a year? Although some of us weren’t able to participate the said reunion yet the people who made their presence available marked unforgetable and I’ll forever cherish.

The first venue of the renion was held at Watever KTV Bar with the following people: Anthony, Fernan, Kem, Mabeth, Jeric, Jessa, Violeta, Archee, Paolo, Marvie, Dennis, Arturo, Ramon, Mark, Martin and Monjour. The room was a little bit hot and everyone were annoyed of the sticky feeling maybe because the AC didn’t function at all and so we decided to move out and went to Chill’s KTV Bar.

The room was really spacious to accommodate us: Anthony, Fernan, Kem, Mabeth, Jessa, Violeta, Paolo, Marvie, Dennis, Ramon, Martin and Monjour left and stayed. Prior to that we ate bopis and proben alacart at DV Soria.

We extended time after time, we sang , danced and literally we owned the roo, celebrated and welcomed Mabeth’s birthday the rest of the night. There were quiet rated SPG scenes out there that I wasn’t oriented of it (I wish I’ve never seen it…hahaha). I only drank water and chewed some junkfood the entire stay and as I have observed some were really tipsy, drunk and sensual.

Selfies here and groufies there, it was all entertainment and hilarious get together for this very new year. I only wish we can be really be together in complete attendance because that’s what’s more important in a reunion. To see each other’s faces and presence and to recollect those memories built years before and what’s new of ourselves.

Thank you Lord for granting this day although we hope for a get together soonest together with other buddies. You are the best!



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