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Coffee Bean Pa More


This wasn’t,supposedly, happened if our action group meeting was to pursue. Thank God, somehow; I do wish well for Isel gurl, our AG meeting was postponed and this picture above became flesh.

The girl from the left is Amor, kuya John Rey [JRT], Jessa [full time staff in CYA], me and Carl were my best buddies way back early 2013. The rest was history from how we comforted and soothed by each other’s company to now how we sipped our coffee bean’s espresso and milk teas.

It’s been a long time since we’ve gathered and had a really nice and deep conversation about life’s then and now. There were many rantings; constructively, friendly advice, blunt and out-of-nowhere jokes, and future plans discussed around a table and a five chairs.

I thank the Lord for granting me such beautiful, generous and nice people whom I can open up with and chit-chat anything and anywhere under the sun. The Lord blessed me with people like these that are also in common goal to please, love and serve Him.

The night has spent really well when real and genuine friends are there. Thanks to Kuya JRT’s treat tho.

anticipating for another one. Feb maybe? 🙂


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