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Our Renewed Commitment


Fifteenth of January, twenty-sixteen marked the date of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Day of Renewal Commitment. We are reminded of the year had passed of the bountiful graces given and provided by the Lord. His sufficient grace and intervention has equipped and overflowed in us through the years. The plans and promises of the Lord will endure forever and that He is faithful and true to His words and deeds although circumstances blurred us from seeing His great and marvelous works in us.

The past year, twenty-fifteen, has been tough and a rocky road for me. Maybe I didn’t get to see the blessings compared to my struggles undergone. I was too overwhelmed and blinded by the trials that came way. I admit my prayer time wasn’t that established and I believed that’s the reason why all these things happened.

I’ve learned and I look more of what lies ahead of me. I ask the Lord to intervene my decisions and listen more of His words. I’m trying my best to be not stubborn but instead thank Him all the days of my life. I wanted to start this year right and it’s a blessing to be with these brothers and sisters,who stayed and struggled in journeying with Lord.

I’m still praying that this community of faith may live out the life that is in stored for each one of us. May the good Lord sustain and equip us even more in glorifying His name through the activities and fellowships we’ll be planning and implementing. Whatever struggles and tests may come, may we accept it gladly and know that God is on our side to protect, save, and insure us that everything will be okay only if we trust and have faith in Him.

Kay Kristo Buong Buhay Habambuhay!



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