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Know Thyself

Facts About Me:

1. I’m the middle child of our family.
2. I was born at exactly 6:35 in the morning.
3. I hardly sleep without my mosquito net.
4. I’m very domisticated and can be outdoor person.
5. I often too emotional.
6. I love playing frisbee [on a serious note]
7. I play guitar, tambourine and beatbox [very basic]
8. I’m very observant.
9. I’m no good at listening or maybe I’m having a problem with hearing [sometimes].
10. I love watching sports and anime.
11. I’m frustrated singer and dancer.
12. I wanted to do some extreme sports/adventure.
13. I’m a big fan of Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddlestone, Emma Stone and Watson, Johnny Depp
14. I prefer to eat dark chocolates only.
15. I like ube ice creams.
16. My hair is naturally wavy.
17. I have a mole on my left knee.
18. I do not have a pierce on my ears.
19. I love history.
20. Reading novels and/or books are my best buddy.
21. I wanted to do some mural paintings or sketching.
22. I wanted to design my own big dream house for my parents and for my family [soon].
23. I wanted to watch NBA live.
24. I love taking pictures.
25. I wish I could be a Tinker.
26. I’m a disney person.
27. I wanted to have a library of my own.
28. I wanted to land in the moon.
29. I love to travel locally and internationally.
30. I wanted to perform in a crowd;me as vocal on stage with a guitar,drum,or piano playing it.
31. I [sometimes] write poems and haikus
32. I want to travel space.
33. I would be honored and flattered if I were serenaded by my fanboy.
34. I’m wide awake at night.
35. Not a morning person.
36. Not a pet person.
37. ambivert. mostly introvert.
38. I don’t know how to swim. I need guidance.
39. I love to try skating, skateboarding and surfing.
40. I’m fanatic of stargazing,moongazing and spacegazing.
41. I overthink.
42. I assume [sometimes].
43. I’m lazy doing housechores.


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