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God Will Meet You Where You Are

Day 1: He Refreshes! [when life gets tiring]

“Tiredness in my life”

There are a lot of things and situations that really drained and get me tired of it. Never did I imagined that I’ll be able to experience such quench, dryness, and losing battle. It may not be physical sense but more on emotional, mental and spiritual tiredness that overwhelm me. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere maybe because I knew I don’t know where and when to start first.

My mind was wrapped with unhealthy thoughts, my heart’s enveloped with too messed up emotions and spiritually I was drowning.

My prayer time wasn’t doing any well, I’ve been stubborn and rebellious, and I lose hope at all. For almost three years I was just a tutor. Just. Yeah, I am that harsh and unhappy of me being a TUTOR only. It’s like I’m not being proud with at all.

My family especially my parents were pushing me to find and get a job already even suggesting me doing laundry and selling lady. They even compare me with my classmates’ achievement and stable jobs. I literally can’t believe with this happening inside my supposed-to-be-comfort-zone.

Even in my community where I’m in I just felt so under dog and an outcast. They’re professionals, working and earning for their own and building gradually their future.

And me? Where am I? I don’t even know whether I’m still in the field of teaching or not.

Yeah, you’ve read it right. These were my sentiments and proof of tiredness all this time of my life.

But that doesn’t end there. I maybe tired but I AM STILL ALIVE AND BLESSED.

I WOULDN’T WRITE THESE IF I’M NOT ALIVE RIGHT? At the end of the day, I am grateful and blessed for all of these challenges. It’s not yet the end of the world so why put my life reminding all of this waste and nega right?

Everything has its own reason and purpose. I’m looking for that rainbow after the rain, the rising sun after dawn, the light at the end of the tunnel. God is with me.

He is with me, journeying with me in every step of the way. I am assured and insured by His great love of plans and promises.



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