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Journey, not the band.

“He journeys with you first from your fear to your faith. God never wastes a journey. He makes every journey worthwhile.”

I do believe in all and every circumstances that I had,good and bad alike, God is with me.He is journeying with me. How did I know? I just knew it all along. It doesn’t have to be something remarkable and unforgettable in order to know and feel that God is journeying with you. All that matter is you knew and you acknowledge that God is real and near no matter what you feel.

I knew because I am His daughter and precious child. From the book of Genesis God stated that I am created in His own image and likeness. Therefore I must say that I am His.

When I tell I am His it means that God is a personal God and hands-on father to His sons and daughters. He even created me long before He created the earth. He knew me all along from the strands of my hair to the deepest recesses of my heart. He’s the all-knowing God.

Knowing Him like that made me conclude that He is journeying with me. Journeying with me means that He gives me protection, love, mercy, guidance and providence from all I need.

The day He protected us from the burning house, a drunkard stranger trespassing our home, and even saving our lives during the devastating flood last 2009 and 2011. He even let me graduate and pass the licensure examination for teachers.

I had so many things to recall and remember how great our God is. How He is present in my journey toward Him. I look forward to His infinity and beyond majesty. May I remain faithful and strong in this journey with Him.


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