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A sister’s sentiment.

Wow. Just wow.

Why? I mean how did it happened? It shouldn’t happened early this stage of their lives.

I was shocked and terrified reading my sister’s confirmation of her being pregnant. She’s just 20 years old and yet a mind of a fourteen one. She’s irrational, immature, and too assuming being as she is.

Why now?  For God’s sake they weren’t married at all. The boy just popped out anywhere from where’s-that–alien-place-we-really-don’t-care-about. How dare him did that to my sister. He’s a big fat liar all along and even disrespectful to me and my parents’.

My heart is too heartbroken but I know my sister and her boy did acknowledged and realized what they did is wrong and a sin. I suggest they should go to a confession and ask God’s forgiveness and pardon. They should explain themselves to our parents who were devastated and didn’t see this event coming. I know for a fact that my parents only wish and pray for what’s best for their child and this made their heart’s broke.

I pray that the Lord will pardon them for the sin they’ve committed and us too, the family, for somehow fell short in guiding them. May the divine intervention manifest in our family especially strength, courage, understanding, empathy, love and guidance.

I pray to all young parent’s around the world that their lives and family revolve around the blessing of our Almighty God. Amen.


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