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Getting my PP…excited here

PP stands for Philippine Passport. Yes, yesterday I just processed to get my PP.

Why? It’s because I’m getting out of here and start to really live out and make my dream happen.

I woke up around 6 in the morning to do my morning rituals and to make my hair iron for straightening. Yes, I wanted to look at my PP’s picture,somehow, look good and presentable. I arrived at the mall,Centrio an Ayala Mall, almost 10 already but still waiting to open. Upon entering the mall everyone’s were rushing and running to third floor where DFA was located. I,too, was running along to make sure I could get there early.

The line of people at DFA’s door was really long and fortunately waiting for the go signal to accommodate us. It was almost 10.30 already when the guy in-charge whom to pass inside told me to return at 11.30 and fill up the DFA form.

After an hour passed I returned and then let me got inside of the department. I seated comfortably first row at the processing section and I was too keen and observant because it’s my first time to enter and process. Time after time I was able to catch up with how to transact inside. Then my priority number has paged and was quite anxious for the person who’ll scan my requirements was strict and meticulous.

I was confident about me bringing all my requirements both photocopied and the original documents. Indeed, nothing further questions and interrogations happened and immediately walk away and proceed to the payment section. I told the cashier to avail the express wherein I’ll pay 1200k within 10 working days I can now avail my PP. That’s fast huh.

Then the picture taking and finger printing section’s turn and my last section to attend to. This is it. My ironing of hair and my morning ritual preps will be now at hand. I was quite bashful knowing the one who’ll take my picture is a He. I’m not really comfortable but duh I’m here to process my PP and walang makakapigil sa’kin.

At last!


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