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Great Expectations

“The root of many problems is broken expectations; if not dealt with, they mature into anger and bitterness”

I’d say this statement above is true. Great expectations, if not met, leads to disappointments that sometimes could affect in blaming oneself or others. I, too, expect that much and whenever it’s not what I meant to become the end result then it would make me such a big loser.

Three years ago, prior to my graduation day, I was asked by my leaders in Christ’s Youth in Action and even to my co-committed brothers and sisters if I were going to be a full time staff or missionary. I was kind of thrilled and excited for a fact that I’ll be serving the Lord full time and setting aside my career for a year or more.

Then eventually it turned out to be a No. I didn’t make it to be a missionary when in fact I dreamed to be one. I envisioned myself to be but due to some circumstances I believe God has other and better way of putting me and placing me where I can still serve and love Him.

He put me in Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon. ALNP is also an outreach community wherein it composed of single,  Catholic, working and professionals that aim to christify their respective workplaces. I was in a community of faith that lives the vision and mission to glorify the Lord thru the works of our hands.

I am that blessed and grateful to the Lord for calling my name and that I was not an accident to be here in ALNP. It may not be the way that I wanted to be where at but God has indeed a great and best plan in my life.

My greatest expectation is to make my Lord God visible and honorable to others.


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