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Good things take time.


God is always been on time, never too late and right as well never too early. Just in time; His perfect time.

I grew up not really good in deciding things on my own. I always consult to my parents or even to my friends and classmates. I see to it that at the end of the day I’m never alone to blame of choosing especially the wrong thing or situation.

Then things and moments changed. I know and differentiate what’s wrong and good for me. As I see the world it made me to understand the word waiting but not patience. There were a lot of things that I’m afraid of especially what lies ahead and what’s next for me. As soon as I graduated and passed the examination I was a bit bored and impatient instead of joyfully await and anticipate in looking for job and career.

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to look for a job and become irritable of why things didn’t go well as I had originally planned. There’s no such thing for me a “meantime” plus the pressure that I get from my parents to me getting a job and financially helped them.


God reminded me again. I should go back to Him. Him alone. I was too busy occupying my mind with my triumphant plans but turned out to be not His will at all. I was relying on myself again. I thought I could just do it anyway. But not at all and ever will. God has the final say. He has great and marvelous plans for me ahead.

This time I no longer consult my own strength or anybody else’s but thru God alone. I will be forever grateful for God has prepared for me His plans that I know I can’t think of it’s greatness and wonderfulness.Psalm 139.


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