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The Death Note


And yes I’m a fan of it. Animes are my kind of leisure stuff. Recently did I notice this death note and it got me…really hard. The story and the characters really what catches my eyes and my heart. The role of L which I find it weird at first but eventually fell in love with it, not because of his features but what his great mind speaks of. Maybe I fell in love with guys who are cool in utilizing their great minds.


Then here’s Kira or Light Yagami. Another bored and nerdy guy turned evil for abusing such power in his hands. His character really what made the whole story thrilling and exciting for the battle between him and Riyuzaki. Indeed, L or the character of Riyuzaki failed to prove how Kira or Light did all the killings and murders. Just like any other story, the good reigns over evil and at the end of the story he, Light, lose to Near, successor of L, by trapping from his own evil plan.


I didn’t regret that I just recently watched this anime but it’s all worth it and I look forward for more mind blowing and thrilling  anime to look out for. I hope there’s a story in which Near solve for another suspense and unexpected case. Kudos to the writer of this anime.


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