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Why J why?

Most people don’t give it much thought but have you ever wondered why Jesus did what he did?

I did wondered why Jesus did such things that for me He doesn’t need to do it for our sake when in the first place we do not deserve it at all. But Jesus did it. He did it out of
love and compassion. He is a God. His ways are way too high that even my wildest thoughts could not imagine at all.

I believe Jesus, himself, knew what His Father in heaven’s plans. He is portraying what should a son and/or a child do towards his father’s commandments. He showed to me and to all of us what should be a father and child relationship. A relationship that is ideal, selfless, and worth to emulate each family.

Everything has its own reasons and purposes. God assures us that although it may seem blurry and cannot comprehend the idea of such happenings yet it’s for own good and benefit.

I once read from the book in the new testament that there are still a lot things that Jesus did but weren’t mentioned and included. I will never know but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe anymore.

That’s just how faith works. I walk by faith and not by sight.


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