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Nega plus Nega equals to…

Quit condemning yourself.

Quit is negative. Comdemning is also negative. If we put together these two negatrons they come up to a positive result. Which means to not put one’s self into disapproval of one’s self. Why not? I never imagined that this day Math would taught me this negatives and positives symbols in a whole different scenario.

This whole time I was busy condemning myself for not being good enough. I am too overwhelmed of the thought that I’m too weak, lazy, and inexperience of so many things that I can no longer jive with everyone and this fast pace world.
I was comparing myself with the success of my classmates’ career and how well they’ve done for the past three years. I envy them for they have achieved such honor, glamour and experience young as they are. They were all over my social media accounts, posting and tweeting their whereabouts and At-The-Moment’s.

They really have gone long enough at this state of their lives. Bittersweet feeling it is for me. Sweet because I am happy for their achievements and Bitter for me because it is as if I haven’t done any of those things especially in helping out my family.

I was once confessed to a priest that I envied my friends’ achievements but that
foreign priest told me that I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t instead I should be grateful and be happy for what they have right now. Yeah, it dawned me, why would  I envy them but instead be happy for them. That’s simple, be happy for them

I grasped the idea that maybe, not maybe, God wants to tell me that I am His gorg child and them, too, His gorg children. Like any other siblings, I should be happy for them
not envy them. Although I haven’t achieved anything yet but He has enstored me
great and marvelous plans for me. Plans that would serve my purpose here on earth.
Plans that would truly make me genuinely happy and that would pleases Him more.

God is telling me that I should not let envy, sadness, insecurities and worldly
pleasures envelope me for that doesn’t matter to Him. What matters to Him is me serving
and doing His purpose for me here on earth. The world is just my training ground to a life that is due to an eternity with Him. He has instill me a seed to love, serve, and obey Him and help me to fulfill that dream inside me.

I was made for loving Him and no fears and doubts should hinder me in doing those things. I was born and put into this world for a purpose. I was created to magnify and glorify His name. I was thought and hand picked to give due what is right and pleases to Him.

I should quit condemning myself because God, the One who made me, will be sad.
My God is bigger and better than my fears and insecurities.


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