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When Manny Pacquiao speaks.


I have no against people who’s gender preference is to be lesbian, gay, transgender and transsexual not because I do have lots of friends and companions like them but they, too, are humans and most of all children of God.

Yes, it was Manny “Pambansang Kamao” Pacquiao’s opinion and what He believes to be right and good in the eyes of God. I am a Christian and as a follower of Christ I believe in every words stated and written inside the bible. God created men and women. Men is for women and women is for men. No buts and ifs. Period.

Reality bites and hurts that nowadays, people really don’t study and live out the life that Christ supposed to instill each one of us. The world is subjecting every human kind to do this and done that, try this and wear that, and do sort of hilarious and worldly things as long as they don’t step on and hurt other’s feeling and life.

It’s always been the monotonous script and famous line of people on this generation. I must say that social media and technology help conform the minds of many of our fellow citizens which sometimes neglect and edit the real score of the story.

This world really needs a counter culture of what the world feeds us today. Each one of us are challenge to get to know the Lord by praying everyday, go to mass, read the bible and other inspirational and spiritual books and magazines, listen to priests, nuns, and parents and religious personnel and join community of faith.

To know the Lord is to understand Him even more. To love the Lord there is no fear and confusion. To know the Lord there is no condemnation and hatred. To serve the Lord there is compassion and humility.

The key is to know, love, serve and obey the Lord.


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