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Dad’s Almsgiving

It was extremely hot and a pain-at-lower-back Friday noon when I decided to go to my paps’s stall in Cogon market. I decided to go home early after a half day of class due to my condition at the lower back of my body.

I couldn’t bear the pain which made up my mind to leave the class and decided to rest. I have to go to my paps since  he go home nearly noonbreak so why not go with him instead and save up money.

We, dad and I, were headed home via his moyorcycle. Along crossing new Kauswagan bridge dad’s peripheral vision saw a girl nearly 10 to 12 years old wore school uniform and a pair of slippers walking and crossing the bridge under the irritating heat of the sun.

Dad called out the girl’s attention and parked his big bike to invite the girl to hitch. Thr girl’s natural reaction was mixed of hesitation and confusion. Amazed as I am also offered the girl to hop in and instantly I pressed forward to accommodate the girl.

With assurance to help and compassion to extend service, the girl finally hopped in. The bridge was really long to just walk alone and knowing the perks of heat and light of the sun would really made the girl find it hard at an early age.

When we already at the dropping point I gave her my baon which is piaya. It’s one of my fav meriendas but I never hesitated to give and share what I love most. The girl,as I observed, was pleased and grateful for the blessing and mercy she received one noontime of her life. The feeling and emotion of the girl’s genuine “Thank you” embarked a memory and lesson to me and my dad especially.

I wouldn’t thought I gave and shared God’s love and mercy today. I also received the most valuable response from an ordinary yet special girl I could have ever heard in my entire life. Thanks to my paps who naturally did the deeds of mercy.


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