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Lower Back Pain

I am not really comfortable of this feeling of lower back pain. I have been experiencing this for month with an s. I mean I never thought that this pain and body aching experience would really affect me that much. It’s my first time and new about it therefore I didn’t know and bother at all.

Until this week it annoyed and get into my nerves already. I can’t just bend for split seconds and even standing it hurts for crying out loud. The pain can no longer bear the feeling of suffering and exhaustion.

All I ever do is to complain and even reach to the point of thinking maybe I can’t live any longer or it may paralyze me for life. Yeah, I do have such wild imaginations here but can’t help it.

I pray that God would spare me from this misery and suffering. May He take it away from me as soon as possible. If this trouble I am in lasts longer may the Lord grant me endurance and strength to fight over it. May His mercy meet my terrible situation.

May your divine intervention Lord be with me and to those people who are sick and dying. Amen.


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