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Dad and I encountered God’s grace and mercy thru giving a school girl a hitch on the way home. Later that night I thought I couldn’t make it to our worship ministry meeting slash fellowship due to my lower back pain but God helped me to somehow get thru with the pain and had a meaningful fellowship and had fun the entire night.

Early morn Carl and I helped in preparing for the food to an activity called Ignite, where CYA, ALNP, and KSD Singles, gathered together. There were many iterinaries to go to under the heay of the sun which eventually drizzle for minutes. Although it was tiring and exhausting making all those things but upon seeing my brothers and sisters eating and getting full with those food satisfied and fulfilled our mission.

Our AG was also privelege to be invited by Kuya Tan’s birthday party at Chali Beach Resort. The night was filled with thanksgiving and honoring to the Lord of the life given not only to kuya but the entire family as well.

Lenten recollection precided by our lingkod brother and a  branch leader in Valencia no less than Kuya Marven Selecios together with him was his beautiful wife Ate Argel and their lovely daughter Sola. I confirmed it that 90% of the recollection will be funny and full of humor and the other per cent will be the content. Afterwards, we had lunch at Red Tail and again we were full.

Praise God for all His great providence and blessings poured to each one of us.


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