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I need a job. BADLY. Why? For my family, my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my neighbors, my classmates, my friends, my community,  and most especially to me. Yes I do have a lot of recipients why I NEED a JOB because I want to prove them WRONG. Big time.

I was quite frustrated how all these years I was busy trying to live out what and how would people dictate what should life especially in career best suit for me. I kind of pissed off thinking why people do that. Pressure can be really irritating most of the time,not to mention me as an introvert, I don’t like being shot gun and all the pressure on me because it’s just too much for me to bear.



I got to choose how I should run and manage my life now. I was blessed to realize that God helped me gradually get through with this because I have a tendency to shut my mouth and just let their rantings and saliva-wasting finished.

Lord please do help me find and get a job that is in accords to your will where I am most productive in fulfilling your mission, I can be of service to others and to nature. AMEN.

Phil 4:13
Jer 29:11


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