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Under His Feet


I remembered when I had a vision of me under the feet of someone who is gigantic and I felt that it’s Jesus’s feet where I am in.

I didn’t know what’s the meaning of that vision at that time but I believe as days and years had gone by. The Lord wants me to understand from the reflection above that He is present and real.

The Lord wanted to reveal to me that while I’m under His feet I should know that:
1. He is bigger than I am; my fears, insecurities, doubts, problems, plans, desires, concerns and disappointments.
2. He can restore me and uphold me as sinner and unworthy as I am.
3. He assures and blesses me continually without hesitations and second thoughts.
4. He has enstored me such great and marvelous plans.
5. He loves me no matter what.

God is a faithful God. He’s been blessing and pouring graces to bad and good alike people. His great love transcends throughout ages and humankind. The Lord only requires to follow, obey, serve and love Him and His people.


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