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Things You Can’t Buy


Love is a choice. You can’t and will never buy love anywhere and anytime. Love knows no boundaries, age, race, and status. For God first loved us and so we are to transcend love to not only to ourselves but most importantly to others; good and bad alike.

Dreams are what we want to achieve for. It’s inside us and we are to make it happen to achieve our dreams. It should bear out of our love, sweat, determination and endurance to get there.

Friends are our treasure. We built it to make the relationship with our friends go stronger. Friends are our confidant when it’s hard sometimes to open up with our own family. Respect, love, time and understanding what builds up a friendship. They shouldn’t make you a bad person but helps you a better person everyday.

A wish came true simply because you labor it. You put your bet and locked it with all you could ever give. You surrender it to God and believe in Him that He’ll grant and give to you what you wish for in accords to His will. You’ve done your best and leave the rest to God.

Happiness is lacking but genuine joy it’s not. Happiness is broad and temporary if it’s for the world and self only. Genuine joy is lasting even if it’s small and ordinary act of kindness, love, generosity, and respect to your family, friends, brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors, workmates and community.

Time they say is the most important form and act of love whether to yourself or to others. Time can’t be earned therefore it shouldn’t be wasted. Everything and everyone require time to be spend in order to feel that they are loved, cared and thought of.

Life should be made simple and not be  complicated. People should be loved and kept importance and not things that are only passing. Bless and love people and nature. It shouldn’t be taken for granted and of no importance.


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