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To Carl

Happy Birthday Carlita. Why Carlita? I can’t remember anymore when and how it started. Do you remember? I bet not. Hhehehehe.

T’was first quarter of 2011 when the Lord lead our path and way to collide in a place called Xavier and in a group called Christ’s Youth in Action. Then I knew how you were invited and eventually evangelized. Indeed as I recalled we had many firsts together.

First to join, participate, laugh, serve, struggle, commit, discourage, confuse, seek, journey, climb and love the Lord. I really am deep honored and blessed to spend those firsts with you and still look forward for many firsts to come.

There may be rocky and bumpy roads we took like misunderstandings and miscommunications but I take it as the Lord’s way for me to get to know you better. Without those things I can’t appreciate what we are right now and what we have right now. It’s just a matter of perceiving in a positive and/or negative way but more likely God helped me to take it in positive manner.

Yeah those were happened in the past and now we’re in Lingkod I am priveleged to witness a Carl two point O. Yikes. Hahhahahaha. You’ve grown. A lot. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and of course physically. Well, what can I say? The Lord had really mold you to a woman with faith, confidence and strength. I was surprised all along you were one of the sisters whom I have observed who had changed for the better and for the Lord. You are also one of the many who wants to be radical and be visionary.

The community was blessed to have you. Your gifts and talents were utilized in the service of other people and benefited to entertain and evangelize people. I really admire you being seeker and visionary of the Lord’s leading to not only to yourself but to your family and community as well.

You may have ups and downs, confusions and struggles, goals and plans delayed or didn’t turned out to be what you would like them want to be and teachings and needs that weren’t met but you hold on. You hold on to the promises of God to be unfold to you it may not now but eventually in God ‘s perfect time.

I pray and offer to God that you will continue to strive hard to win His heart through your services. That all the days of your life and life after death you’d find genuine joy, peace of heart,mind and soul, and renewed strength only in Him who’s the true source.

That may His grace be enough over your resentments, doubts, confusions, and worries. That His name be your life and foundation in all that you think, say and do. That His unconditional love uphold, strengthen and encourage you thru everyday.

That your family live in harmony and cling to God’s providence. That God may bless even more the works of your hands, the thoughts and ideas in your mind, and the words of your mouth. That may His plans be your plans.

God bless on your 24th year. Kay Kristo Buong Buhay Habambuhay.


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