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One of my out of season yes to Him.

It’s one of my out of season service to the Lord. It’s been awhile since I felt this kind of intense feeling to almost say No to the Lord but I knew that service shouldn’t be based on feeling. I serve because I love the Lord. As much as possible I want to serve Him with all I am butbI guessed not this one and not today.

I may think this is one of my many disobedience to the Lord because  I kind of halfhearted about it. For I know nyself that whenever I serve I want my all to Him and for Him. He is rightfully and duly to serve for all the things He had done. Yet there is still that sometime that I can’t plead my co servants to lock their bet the same as me or more than I bet to serve and love God but I see lack of it.

I get disappointed but I know it shouldn’t be that way. I must seek the Lord to purify and refine my heart’s desire why I am serving and loving Him. It may not meet my expectation of the same intensitiy and drive as them in serving the Lord but I know and believe that the Lord will meet me. He knows and He cares the same for each one of us.

Well may the Lord’s force be with me.


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