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The world has enough greatness but not enough goodness.

I chose the title above because I got the chance,somehow, to show of a little bit of goodness to other people rather to a person. Anyway, it’s not really those words came out from my mind but I just excerpted it from Amber’s theory shared to Mr. Clay Walsh in the movie ‘Old Fashioned.’



I was just strucked of those lines which helped me to see and appreciate that the world now needs more of goodness. Somehow it made me sad to think that there are people out there were too enclosed on how to be great that sometimes they stepped on others lives and dignity.

To be great, for them, is to be wealthy, powerful, famous and in command of things or people around them. Well good thing I’ve watched that movie and not just a movie but it’s the Best Christian Movie of 2015 that talks about godly relationship, conversion, forgiveness and acceptance.

It happened that it was a Sunday noon when I felt that my lower back ached to a point that I cannot bend or stay still longer. I went to my father’s stall to go home with him. We were on his motorcycle and when we’re on the Kauswagan bridge we saw a girl around 10-12 years old walking under the heat of the sun.

My father decided to stop and invited the girl to hopped in so we could spare her a ride but then she was quite shy and hesitated. I was shocked by my father’s gesture and eventually allowed myself to move so that the girl could sit at the back.

I could not contain the joy of the act of kindness that my father did at that time. After that the girl said her thank you and almost bid goodbye but I called her to give one of my fave merienda which is piaya. She smiled and bid farewell to us.

My father taught me out there in the middle of the heat of the sun while suffering lower back pain and gave away my fav piaya that this world I lived in really needs goodness and kindness, big or small alike gestures.


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