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A letter from a daughter.

Dear Ma,
I am grateful to be so called your child (hope you,too, feel the same way as me your daughter…hahahahaha).Well, I don’t remember anymore when this endearment started and how it happened but I am very much sure that God made us friends and sisters in Christ.

You have gone far too long from your studies till you graduated, your service and love for the Lord thru CYA and now in Lingkod and your obedience and care for your family. I believe that’s how God loved, sustained and provided you up until now and probably another fifty years of your life.

Quiet and shy type you may appear from other’s eyes but not for me. You’re as gorg as Mary, versatile as Martha, wise as Queen Esther, obedient as Johanna of Chuza, and loving as Ruth.

Sooner or later, you’ll start with your review and what’s on your mind will gonna be a crampled paper in short messy in a way you’re gonna be thinking on how to review and what to review (promise, I’ve been there).Ugh. Temptations,laziness and harassments are your biggest enemies but rest assured we will help you pray and support you all the way.

I believe what God requires from you is your heart to fully surrender to Him your desires. The key is keeping God first. When it’s hardest time strikes PRAY. Season and out of season PRAY. No matter what you feel know God is Real.

Practical tips: pray over all your gamit during the review and during exam pray over the room, your instructor, your chair, your pencil and your fellow examiners, do novena, visita iglesia, and join Lingkod-Cebu PM)

Keep on, keeping on. Kay Kristo Buong Buhay Habambuhay. God bless ma! Teehee 😜



Architect you are now! Amazing Lord and amazing you Ma! 

Belated Happy Birthday Ma! I hope and pray for that God will reveal His great and marvelous plans ahead of you and I claim that you’ll be a great and passionate Architect! 😜;)


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