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I am GIP

Yes. Thank God.

I just started my 6 months internship at Department of Education Regional Office 10 last April 4, 2016. I am based at the Payroll Services Section under the management of Ma’am Jes and supervision of Ma’am Darlene particularly working at teacher’s employee leave card.

It was quite a nervous and tense first day for me knowing that I do not have any working experience  with administration and clerical jobs especially in payroll services. I have no idea at all but with their great help and extended patience and generosity to me I had adjusted and gradually learned from it.

Day by day I get to know and learn from my boss’s and superiors. How I was so privelege to witness such professionals at hand and yet family at work together. They help and seek refuge whenever confusions and inquiries rise. They listen and share each other’s ideas and notions.

A week had passed and another will come. I have learned and still look forward for more learning and  wisdom to face. May the grace of the Lord be with me all throughout. May He guide and guard me from any harassments may arise. May He equip me even more in dealing with my colleagues, superiors and the work I am task to.


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