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Okay, I’m in my moment of daydreaming and fanboying here. Fortunate souls out there if this man shall overtake the session and me here putting my shoes,soles,toes and my soul of the people seen and heard him at hand. 😍

If everyday he’ll be the speaker then it would be my pleasure to listen and sit down with chair or without chair before him. Hahahaha. That would be nice him as the handsome lecturer and me being on cloud 9 just floating in the air, wandering my imagination from whatever lesson he’ll lecture and hearing and seeing him pleasurably. 😄

I’ll see to it that every words he’ll say shall absorb every single cell, dna, molecule, ato and nucleus of my body. Not only that I hear it but I’ll make sure that I reflect and ponder upon it until actions will be made and done. His gestures and features will be captured and savored till the rest of my life.


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