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Salute! 💑

I just love their characters. The twists and turns of their against-father’swill-relationship really made proved the genuine love they had for each other. Seo Dae Young (correct me if I’m wrong) made such tremendous and mind blowing decisions although it would pain him to be away from the one he truly and genuinely love. He exemplify the attitude of obeying the father of his girlfriend despite the strong no and against of their whole relationship.

However,  the girl tried to fight against his father and pursue wherever her boyfriend’s deployment and whereabouts. She even not missed calling, texting and getting the attention of the boy. But the sergeant obeyed the three star general slash father of his girlfriend and said yes to all his commands slash father’s request.

In the end, the time has come for the father-general  to finally see the real intention of the sergeant towards his one and only daughter. He has proven himself wrong that whatever he will do he could no longer control the situation most especially the love going through between the two love birds. He made himself clear that he will accept the sergeant wholeheartedly and their love that nothing, indeed, can ever separate them.

I had such an amazing experience watching this drama and how the turn of the events made me giggle, shiver in a good way and learned out from it. It’ not just kilig and romance after all but how love conquers all even fears, expectations, calamity and odds may come love will overflow and envelope them all. 😍


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