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To Wife


Literally, thank you. As I have recalled and reminisce the many time we had together way back then the only memory that lingers on my head was the time you tap me for food committee.

It was like it’s our very first intimate interaction together wherein there’s no need of long and deep conversation just to get to know each other but just two hearts and souls clicked right on.

I am deeply amazed of how God had crossed our paths and lives from strangers, committeds, classmates, servants, CYAers, Lingkod and now to best of friends called wifey.

I would like to honor our amazing God for pouring us such a beautiful BLESSing. Literally your name is a huge BLESSing in the community, your workplace and most especially your family.

I know you are in love and loved by the people who cherish and knows the value and treasure enstore in you. I, too, have seen how worthy you are to be loved for you lavishly give and extend love to others. I have witnessed your care and concern for your father, mother and your siblings which really describes your unconditional and sacrificial love.

You are to be honored for you share what you have  despite in the end you left empty handed. You are to be honored for you put other’s first before yours without second thoughts. You are to be honored for you’re just one call away when service is required urgently like for example accomodating the Cebu Lingkod sisters. You are to be honored for your resources spent as a mission partner for CYA brothers and sisters.

I am speechless and words are not enough to describe the entire YOU.

Again, Happy Birthday Wife!


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