I am in great in privilege and deep honor to have listened and stand beside such deep in wisdom and relationship with the Lord Doctor Jake Yap. 

The Lord had favored Him for being a faithful and strong willed man and a servant throughout the years. I am inspired of how God called and equipped this brother to be His and serve the community of faith. I look forward for more interactions and teachings preside by him in the name of the Lord.

Kudos kuya Jake! 


Triduum Retreat

I was blessed to be part of a 3 day Triduum Retreat held at Kahayag sa Diyos Community Center with the topic of conversion. It started last Maundy Thursday and ended just today Black Saturday.

The retreat participated by KSD covenanted couples, singles, Lingkod brothers and sisters and some CYA graduates and staffs. The room was enveloped with a warmth embrace as if we’re inside of a retreat house in an outskirt of town but really we’re just in the city.

The retreat was a series of video conversion stories led by Bishop Barron. Each day we were given two video of conversion stories. On Maundy Thursday we had the conversion story of the blind man named Bartimaeus and the Rich Young Man. I’ve learned from Bartimaeus story the different blind spots in my life that hinders me to love and serve God best.

There were a lot of conversion stories that I knew and I too as well had. It was quite dramatic conversion for me at year 2011 where I saw death to life, hopeless to hopeful, misery to rejoicing and many more. I knew both sides that God is there and is in our midst all the time.

It took me long to post this due to some circumstances that I’ve been thru. Thank God is the perfect time I guess.

One of my out of season yes to Him.

It’s one of my out of season service to the Lord. It’s been awhile since I felt this kind of intense feeling to almost say No to the Lord but I knew that service shouldn’t be based on feeling. I serve because I love the Lord. As much as possible I want to serve Him with all I am butbI guessed not this one and not today.

I may think this is one of my many disobedience to the Lord because  I kind of halfhearted about it. For I know nyself that whenever I serve I want my all to Him and for Him. He is rightfully and duly to serve for all the things He had done. Yet there is still that sometime that I can’t plead my co servants to lock their bet the same as me or more than I bet to serve and love God but I see lack of it.

I get disappointed but I know it shouldn’t be that way. I must seek the Lord to purify and refine my heart’s desire why I am serving and loving Him. It may not meet my expectation of the same intensitiy and drive as them in serving the Lord but I know and believe that the Lord will meet me. He knows and He cares the same for each one of us.

Well may the Lord’s force be with me.

The world has enough greatness but not enough goodness.

I chose the title above because I got the chance,somehow, to show of a little bit of goodness to other people rather to a person. Anyway, it’s not really those words came out from my mind but I just excerpted it from Amber’s theory shared to Mr. Clay Walsh in the movie ‘Old Fashioned.’



I was just strucked of those lines which helped me to see and appreciate that the world now needs more of goodness. Somehow it made me sad to think that there are people out there were too enclosed on how to be great that sometimes they stepped on others lives and dignity.

To be great, for them, is to be wealthy, powerful, famous and in command of things or people around them. Well good thing I’ve watched that movie and not just a movie but it’s the Best Christian Movie of 2015 that talks about godly relationship, conversion, forgiveness and acceptance.

It happened that it was a Sunday noon when I felt that my lower back ached to a point that I cannot bend or stay still longer. I went to my father’s stall to go home with him. We were on his motorcycle and when we’re on the Kauswagan bridge we saw a girl around 10-12 years old walking under the heat of the sun.

My father decided to stop and invited the girl to hopped in so we could spare her a ride but then she was quite shy and hesitated. I was shocked by my father’s gesture and eventually allowed myself to move so that the girl could sit at the back.

I could not contain the joy of the act of kindness that my father did at that time. After that the girl said her thank you and almost bid goodbye but I called her to give one of my fave merienda which is piaya. She smiled and bid farewell to us.

My father taught me out there in the middle of the heat of the sun while suffering lower back pain and gave away my fav piaya that this world I lived in really needs goodness and kindness, big or small alike gestures.


Dad and I encountered God’s grace and mercy thru giving a school girl a hitch on the way home. Later that night I thought I couldn’t make it to our worship ministry meeting slash fellowship due to my lower back pain but God helped me to somehow get thru with the pain and had a meaningful fellowship and had fun the entire night.

Early morn Carl and I helped in preparing for the food to an activity called Ignite, where CYA, ALNP, and KSD Singles, gathered together. There were many iterinaries to go to under the heay of the sun which eventually drizzle for minutes. Although it was tiring and exhausting making all those things but upon seeing my brothers and sisters eating and getting full with those food satisfied and fulfilled our mission.

Our AG was also privelege to be invited by Kuya Tan’s birthday party at Chali Beach Resort. The night was filled with thanksgiving and honoring to the Lord of the life given not only to kuya but the entire family as well.

Lenten recollection precided by our lingkod brother and a  branch leader in Valencia no less than Kuya Marven Selecios together with him was his beautiful wife Ate Argel and their lovely daughter Sola. I confirmed it that 90% of the recollection will be funny and full of humor and the other per cent will be the content. Afterwards, we had lunch at Red Tail and again we were full.

Praise God for all His great providence and blessings poured to each one of us.

Dad’s Almsgiving

It was extremely hot and a pain-at-lower-back Friday noon when I decided to go to my paps’s stall in Cogon market. I decided to go home early after a half day of class due to my condition at the lower back of my body.

I couldn’t bear the pain which made up my mind to leave the class and decided to rest. I have to go to my paps since  he go home nearly noonbreak so why not go with him instead and save up money.

We, dad and I, were headed home via his moyorcycle. Along crossing new Kauswagan bridge dad’s peripheral vision saw a girl nearly 10 to 12 years old wore school uniform and a pair of slippers walking and crossing the bridge under the irritating heat of the sun.

Dad called out the girl’s attention and parked his big bike to invite the girl to hitch. Thr girl’s natural reaction was mixed of hesitation and confusion. Amazed as I am also offered the girl to hop in and instantly I pressed forward to accommodate the girl.

With assurance to help and compassion to extend service, the girl finally hopped in. The bridge was really long to just walk alone and knowing the perks of heat and light of the sun would really made the girl find it hard at an early age.

When we already at the dropping point I gave her my baon which is piaya. It’s one of my fav meriendas but I never hesitated to give and share what I love most. The girl,as I observed, was pleased and grateful for the blessing and mercy she received one noontime of her life. The feeling and emotion of the girl’s genuine “Thank you” embarked a memory and lesson to me and my dad especially.

I wouldn’t thought I gave and shared God’s love and mercy today. I also received the most valuable response from an ordinary yet special girl I could have ever heard in my entire life. Thanks to my paps who naturally did the deeds of mercy.