the huge and the minute.

Yes she is my niece. My minute three week old cutie and squeeshy baby gurl. Babies are adorb and fragile that literally blows my mind whenever I see them breathing, shadow punching and throwing off their hands and feet anywhere and most importantly their feed-me-moments with their mothers.

She’s a blessing out of parent’s unthinkable and impulsive deeds. Everything has its purpose and she is a good purpose in our imperfect family. Thank you God how you turned our mourning to rejoicing. She is yours Lord. She really is.


1: forty-three thoughts

One. Later today my mother-not-biologically, Marione Ravago, our term of endearment will be taking her board examination for architect. I am very much worried and nervous on her behalf for I know the feeling of the pressure in takin thr exam. All the emotions and ideas of reviewing the lessons for the past years has come to be tested.

I lift her concerns and worries to God for in Him everything is possible. May the Lord equip, strengthen, uphold, inspire, guide and grant her confidence and wisdom in taking the exam.

May the Lord grant her peace of heart and mind during and after the exam. I pray that the result will truly make her victorious for she deserves it. Lord it’s your will to follow and may you grant her acceptance and gratefulness in her heart and mind.


Falls Sunday


Okay I am very much blessed to have witnessed live with my own naked eyes a kalesa functioning on the road of Iligan City. Plus it’s my first time to be in Iligan and how I have seen such structures like plants and factories both abandoned and functioning, the numerous branch of shoppe 24 where it is rooted originally, and the my first ever tasted Muslim food called palapa with variant toppings like chicken, tuna and beef.

I also went to the famous and the hidden falls of Linamon, Lanao del Norte which is the Tinago Falls. We had to go down a 230 plus steps just to reach the bottom part and be ecstatic of the famous and scenic Tinago Falls.


There were crowds already set up and still setting up like us arrived. Truly I am amazed and dazzled of such fine beauty and amusement. The falls and the water attracts and inspires tourists and locals to visit the site and enjoy what it could offer entertainment to them.


Love, Rosie


I just love the line. Whoever thought of this realized and pondered deeply and hurtly how things-should-turn-out-to-be-the-way-we-want-them-to-be but unfortunately can not and will not.

Ouch. Reality hurts and heart can’t take it. I, somehow, feel you writer. I feel you big time.

Triduum Retreat

I was blessed to be part of a 3 day Triduum Retreat held at Kahayag sa Diyos Community Center with the topic of conversion. It started last Maundy Thursday and ended just today Black Saturday.

The retreat participated by KSD covenanted couples, singles, Lingkod brothers and sisters and some CYA graduates and staffs. The room was enveloped with a warmth embrace as if we’re inside of a retreat house in an outskirt of town but really we’re just in the city.

The retreat was a series of video conversion stories led by Bishop Barron. Each day we were given two video of conversion stories. On Maundy Thursday we had the conversion story of the blind man named Bartimaeus and the Rich Young Man. I’ve learned from Bartimaeus story the different blind spots in my life that hinders me to love and serve God best.

There were a lot of conversion stories that I knew and I too as well had. It was quite dramatic conversion for me at year 2011 where I saw death to life, hopeless to hopeful, misery to rejoicing and many more. I knew both sides that God is there and is in our midst all the time.

It took me long to post this due to some circumstances that I’ve been thru. Thank God is the perfect time I guess.