I think I’m Gonna Die Soonest…

I am afraid of the mere thought of death. It’s taboo for me. I am not ready yet. Maybe I’m too young ? I haven’t done fullest my strengths and capabilities. All in my mind these days is I’m gonna die because of leptospirosis. I got fever,chills,coughs and LBM. 


Me in a Crowd

Okay ,this get my attention. The picture hits me because I know for a fact that many times i tried to be with them like fit in just to stay in that group or they tried to make me one of them but I am not. I could not lie to myself that I can never belong to any of those group.

It’s better off for me to be where I am comfortable with.

the huge and the minute.

Yes she is my niece. My minute three week old cutie and squeeshy baby gurl. Babies are adorb and fragile that literally blows my mind whenever I see them breathing, shadow punching and throwing off their hands and feet anywhere and most importantly their feed-me-moments with their mothers.

She’s a blessing out of parent’s unthinkable and impulsive deeds. Everything has its purpose and she is a good purpose in our imperfect family. Thank you God how you turned our mourning to rejoicing. She is yours Lord. She really is.