Falls Sunday


Okay I am very much blessed to have witnessed live with my own naked eyes a kalesa functioning on the road of Iligan City. Plus it’s my first time to be in Iligan and how I have seen such structures like plants and factories both abandoned and functioning, the numerous branch of shoppe 24 where it is rooted originally, and the my first ever tasted Muslim food called palapa with variant toppings like chicken, tuna and beef.

I also went to the famous and the hidden falls of Linamon, Lanao del Norte which is the Tinago Falls. We had to go down a 230 plus steps just to reach the bottom part and be ecstatic of the famous and scenic Tinago Falls.


There were crowds already set up and still setting up like us arrived. Truly I am amazed and dazzled of such fine beauty and amusement. The falls and the water attracts and inspires tourists and locals to visit the site and enjoy what it could offer entertainment to them.



My Perfect Dream House Site To Be!


I have always dream of my perfect house site to be in a cliff wherein I can get the chance to see early in the morning the magnificient and breath taking creations and at twilight the wonders of settling down of the sun.

It’s not necessarily a huge or a castle as what have shown above but a sanctuary where I can call it a home. It’s either a cliff fronting a wild green forest or a wide blue ocean is what I always look up to for my dream house site to be.

Soon. 🏠🏡

050516 equals to 24


I thank my God for He has beautifully and wonderfully made me and my 24 years of a well freely given life. He has given me abundantly and provided me everything. He leadeth me to roads and places where I haven’t gone before even in my wildest imagination could think of.

I could not contain the joy,love,compassion and mercy He has poured on me. I am so loved by Him. I may failed and disappointed Him yet His love covers it all. He has seen in me and through me and that’s what melted my heart.

Thank you God. I am your handmaid and I’ll do everything as long as it pleases you. May your will be done now and forever. Amen.

I am GIP

Yes. Thank God.

I just started my 6 months internship at Department of Education Regional Office 10 last April 4, 2016. I am based at the Payroll Services Section under the management of Ma’am Jes and supervision of Ma’am Darlene particularly working at teacher’s employee leave card.

It was quite a nervous and tense first day for me knowing that I do not have any working experience  with administration and clerical jobs especially in payroll services. I have no idea at all but with their great help and extended patience and generosity to me I had adjusted and gradually learned from it.

Day by day I get to know and learn from my boss’s and superiors. How I was so privelege to witness such professionals at hand and yet family at work together. They help and seek refuge whenever confusions and inquiries rise. They listen and share each other’s ideas and notions.

A week had passed and another will come. I have learned and still look forward for more learning and  wisdom to face. May the grace of the Lord be with me all throughout. May He guide and guard me from any harassments may arise. May He equip me even more in dealing with my colleagues, superiors and the work I am task to.

Poor Me

I am deeply in pain. All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go and leave all behind. It’s easter and this is all I’ve got. Pain. Suffering. They are Big Right and I am Enormous Wrong. They only see what they want to see well how about me? I’ve got my eyes too.

Them versus me. I’m a rebel and a kid and a black sheep daughter with dues and credits to pay the rent, the bills, the food, the chores, and my stay on my own house. I am ranting like a stupid, stubnorn and self centered freak out here.

By the way I had bulging, swelling and red eyes here. Oh plus a clogged nose from crying and sobbering so hard silently. Here comes mosquitos and bites everywhere. Their nasty and no mercy at all.

Oops I just heard her famous SMART MOUTH. She’s becoming her boss that is judgmental and has a smart mouth too. Ooh I can see their resemblance. It’s like their twins and blood related.

I can see clearly. No doubt. No wonder why. Well for how many years of service she rendered to her boss then automatically the stink and rotten attitude passed on. She just can’t appreciate. She just can’t stop her mouth. She just can’t disseminate task. She sees only the poor me.

I’m just her nobody. I’m just her daughter-who-should-pay-and-render-service-after-all-these-years-they’ve-invested-on-me. Poor and Unfortunately Soul as what the famous line of Ursula but I’m no mermaid at all. Nah uh.

I’m invinsible. In their eyes I’m just a speck of an unwanted dust and grossed dirt. I only exist when they knew and observed that I need to be rid off  out from their precious and perfect eyes. Yeah they are way cooler and perfect for me. I can’t and will not reach them. Not in my wildest dream. No more.

Yep, it’s one of the many hella days. I’m no good  Christian when I wrote this and that is just what it is now. I committed sin AGAIN after I confessed yesterday. Tsk. I’m in big trouble. Sorry G. I owe you a lot. Pardon me. Oh, am I calming down now? Maybe. Probably the mad-and-fierce-hormones in me slowed down and reduced the anger inside.

Breathe in, breathe out. I’m taking my time but the resentment is not yet over. I know myself. God knows myself. Okay. This is it for now. The kosquitos are killing me. I will not wonder maybe later and soonest I’ll be diagnosed with dengue due to these bites with an S. Poor me. Can’t help I’m outside of the house and no lights spared here.